What to Have for Lunch Today: Curry Pan at Sandbox Bakery

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Curried beef stew, no bowl required.
Weds., April 7, 2010

"Beef in a bun" sounds like a Hormel abomination, the kind that stays shelf stable in the 7-Eleven cooler case for a few months. It barely describes the curry pans that Mutsumi Takehara makes at Sandbox Bakery on Cortland. Takehara gently rolls out a quarter-inch layer of challah ― all cotton and air, as if it's been kneaded by a balloon animal ― and folds it around a deep golden shredded beef stew. There are just enough carrots and onions in the curry to sweeten it up and just enough spice to prickle the tongue. A $3 pastry and an apple from Good Life down the street makes for a fine, fork-free lunch. One you could even eat in the car, or warm up in the office microwave for the best desk meal you'll eat this week.

Sandbox Bakery 833 Cortland (at Gates), 642-8580

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Sandbox Bakery

833 Cortland, San Francisco, CA

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