We Ate IHOP's New Stunt Breakfast, So You Don't Have To

Tamara Palmer
We double down dare you to eat this.
​If you follow SFoodie regularly, you may know that while we're skeptical of cheap marketing ploys, we do love us a good stunt dessert. At least, that was our reasoning when we volunteered to take one for the team. Pancake Stackers, a special available at IHOP through June 20, consists of "sweet and silky cheesecake layered between two buttermilk pancakes. Crowned with a choice of cool strawberry, blueberry, or cinnamon apple compote and creamy whipped topping." With sugar-free syrup upon request.

Lee Klein from our sister blog Short Order in Miami wondered whether this meal is "apocalypse, now" and informed that, when served with a combo of hash browns, eggs, and bacon or sausage links, it ratcheted up to almost 1300 calories, or double that of the Double Down.

Truthfully, that only made us want it more.

Tamara Palmer
The aftermath.
​It's only as two plates thunked down in front of us that we began to question our logic, but there was no turning back. First bite of our blueberry compote topped cheesecake stack? Awesome, we were feeling it. Second bite? Yeah, bring it on, we love atomic levels of sweetness.

But by the third bite, as the whipped topping mingled with the almost equally soft cheesecake cream, it just seemed like we were eating raw blueberry muffin batter. A drizzle of maple syrup brought the pancake taste into the party, which was already quickly winding down.

While we were doing this all for the kids, we admittedly ate less than half of our two plates before we started to feel -- how do you say? -- not so fabulous and had to push it all aside. But if we were to hazard a guess, that was more likely because of the plate of bacon, hash browns, and eggs, which were all as meh as we remembered.

If that all sounds too pansy for ya, consider sidling up to another new IHOP menu item, the stuffed New York cheesecake pancakes ($8.79); you get four -- count 'em, four -- pancakes with cheesecake pieces in the middle of each. We heard a daredevil behind us ordering them, but we left in a carb-riddled slump before we could admire his true feat of bravery.

IHOP 2299 Lombard (at Pierce), 921-4004

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