Pic of the Day: Saddest Cookbook Ever


Let's make one thing clear: there's nothing wrong with eating alone. We do it all the time, not just out of necessity but because sometimes it's nice to enjoy a meal in solitude. As for microwave cooking, well, sometimes you're in a hurry and those Trader Joe's veggie corn dogs ARE pretty good.

But we wouldn't go so far as Marie T. Smith and cook what might be steak and whatever that glass of Jell-O is, in a microwave. And while we're sure Marie is probably actually a very happy lady, we're going to have to blame the photographer for producing such a pained portrait.

Is there someone standing off to the side with a gun, demanding that Marie hover over that microwave produced buffet of pastel-colored food? At any rate, what we have on our hands is the Saddest Cookbook Ever: Microwaving For One.

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