Meaty Nostalgia, Argentinean Style

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Jason C./Yelp
Javier Sandes.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

It's a week old, but Cyrus Farivar's interview with Javier Sandes, Emeryville street vendor of Argentinian asado, is still fresh as, um, newly mixed chimichurri.

Mobile memories: Last month, Sandes debuted Primo's Parrilla ― he slow-grills tri-tip and chickens over a mix of mesquite and hardwood charcoal. Cue the backstory, direct from Sandes:

I missed a part of my culture which took place every Sunday in the backyard with friends and family -- an all day asado. We would start late morning with picadas of cheeses, salami's and olives washed down by Fernet & Coke, Cinzano & soda water -- all this while the fire was starting and the meat getting placed on the grill. While the meat was grilling we caught up on the week's events and kicked around the soccer ball. Early afternoon the asado was ready and we pushed together several tables, sometimes borrowing from the neighbors, and began our feast. This would include- blood sausage, kidney, tripes, sweet breads, short ribs and chicken. We'd wash it down with red wine and beer (Quilmes!) and finish it off with fruit salad or icecream.

It's exactly the kind of evocative, meat-lubricated story we love. And we suppose it's too much to expect Sandes to start dropping kidneys and blood sausages on his grill in Emeryville. But still, dude.

Read Farivar's entire (short) Q&A at California Taco Trucks.

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