Is the Government Caving to Pressure Over Regulating Sodium?

A public interest group first asked FDA to intervene in 1978.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Salt politics: At Food Politics, Marion Nestle considers the on-one-minute, gone-the-next rumor that FDA has plans to regulate the salt content in processed foods. She lays out the simple timeline:

Early yesterday, the Washington Post reported that FDA was readying an announcement about setting sodium levels, but by afternoon, the agency issues a press release denying it.
Nestle quotes from the FDA statement:
A story in today's Washington Post leaves a mistaken impression that the FDA has begun the process of regulating the amount of sodium in foods. The FDA is not currently working on regulations nor has it made a decision to regulate sodium content in foods at this time.
Nestle asks the obvious question: Could the FDA's denial be the result of industry pressure? It would be interesting to find out. Yes.

By the way, as Nestle points out, the Center for Science in the Public Interest first asked the government to set salt levels way back in 1978, and, well, nothing's been done. Can things possibly change now?

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