Introducing Faloodeh, a Dessert Older Than Jesus

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Tamara Palmer
Faloodeh has been around since before the Common Era.
​Faloodeh is older than San Francisco, and even older than Jesus -- about 400 years older, posits Wikipedia. The traditional Persian dessert of frozen vermicelli noodles, corn starch, sorbet or shaved ice flavored with lime and rosewater, sour cherry preserves, and pistachios is given a modern twist at ZarĂ© at Fly Trap (606 Folsom at Second St.). A shot of white tequila is poured over the top at the table, a twist this treat's progenitors surely wished was available back in the day. We can't recall another time when we've been tempted to shotgun our dessert as it melted.

It's fitting that the oldest dessert in San Francisco is served at one of the most senior of restaurants. At least in name, that is: The original Fly Trap opened here in 1906.

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Zare at Flytrap

606 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

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