Hot Calamansi Honey, an Exotic Restorative from Mango Medley

Tamara Palmer
​Just a few years back, the Ocean Beach end of Judah Street had little more than lousy java to offer sand dwellers. Now, you can get hemp milk smoothies, fresh coconut juice, aguas frescas, several varieties of local kombucha, and much more within five blocks of the water. A beverage highlight on this strip is the quaint Hong Kong eatery Mango Medley, which offers an array of coffee and tea drinks as well as a sampling of exotic citrus and honey drinks in calamansi, kumquat, and citron flavors.

Calamansi evokes notes of tangerine, orange, lemon, and lime to our palate

got us all hot and bothered about a hot beverage for the first time in a long time. The owner told us that she uses fresh fruit when it occasionally pops up in area produce markets. As refreshing as the standard version with dried calamansi from the Philippines is, we suspect it would be even more vibrant with ripe fruit. Despite being nicknamed acid orange, we've found it to have restorative rather than lysergic properties.

Mango Medley, 3911 Judah (at 44th Ave.), 681-3228

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