Can't Decide on Dinner? How About a Big Serving of Smartass

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​One night, about six or seven years ago, we were riding a 14 Mission and the guy sitting across from us ― a small, pale, faintly stubbled lad in dark shades ― had perched atop his head a huge green trucker hat with "" printed clearly across the front. Naturally, we tried to stare through him for the rest of the ride, hoping that behind his opaque glasses, he was either fuming or riddled with glee. We'd like to think that the fellow got his act together, went to culinary school, and started this site.

There's not much to say about that the site won't say very plainly for itself. We just rejected four straight suggestions (miso chicken, fettuccine with shrimp, chicken kebabs, soft scrambled eggs with ricotta and herbs), and the fifth idea (porcini chicken with wild rice and wheat berries) came couched in vaguely threatening rhetoric.

What's funny about this site though is that, while you're wasting time at work, it might actually give you an idea of what to cook for dinner.

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