Are Korean Tacos the Ultimate California Cuisine?

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The MoGo BBQ truck in Mountain View: pure Cali.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Mobile fusion: California Taco Trucks' Cyrus Farivar grabbed some Q&A time with Sam Pak recently. Pak's the founder of the Korean truck MoGo BBQ, which has been slinging kalbi tacos, etc., in the South Bay. Pak says ― like Curry Up Now, which is just now rolling its second truck into San Francisco ― MoGo is working things out in the 'burbs before launching a designated city truck. One of Farivar's questions: What the hell is the allure of the Korean taco? Pak:

The reason Korean tacos have generated so much buzz, besides the fact that they're delicious, is because they're a uniquely Californian food. They can only exist in this kind of environment, where we have different types of ethnic communities and foods coming together. This kind of experimental fusion cuisine has normally been the domain of high-end restaurateurs. We're kind of turning that idea on its head by making it available to the masses in a taco truck.
Read the rest of Farivar's interview here. And check out Jonathan Kauffman's Twitter guide to Korean trucks on the Peninsula.

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