Alice Waters Demands Apology from Sewage Sludge Protestors

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Waters is accusing protest organizers of making false statements.
​Alice Waters has a statement to organizers of today's planned protest in front of Chez Panisse in Berkeley: Have you no shame?

Yesterday we reported on the Organic Consumers Association's plans to highlight the San Francisco Public Utility Commision's one-time policy of giving away what the OCA and the Center for Media and Democracy's John Stauber blast as "sewage sludge." Really, it's a protest against SFPUC commissioner Francesca Vietor, who happens to be executive director of the Chez Panisse Foundation, which, incidentally, has absolutely nothing to do with Chez Panisse, the restaurant, except that Waters happens to have founded both. And as SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi reported yesterday, there's no evidence that compost derived from civic sewage is any "dirtier" than that made from table scraps or garden clippings.

In a statement released this morning, the CP Foundation asserts that "Mr. Stauber and the OCA have attempted to taint the reputations of Alice Waters and Francesca Vietor, both of whom have long and outstanding records as environmental advocates. The Chez Panisse Foundation calls on Mr. Stauber and the OCA to retract their false statements and issue Alice Waters and Francesca Vietor a public apology." So there. Read the entire statement here.

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