331 Cortland Launch Brings Instant Crowds to Artisan Food Marketplace

Kelly Kozak
El Porteño's Joseph Ahearne.
​After the kind of months-long delays that are typical for launches in this town, the artisan food marketplace at 331 Cortland in Bernal soft-opened Saturday. As a refresher, behold the 331 Cortland six: El Porteño Empanadas, ICHI Lucky Cat Sushi, Paulie's Pickling, Wholesome Bakery, Bernal Cutlery, and Della Terra Organics.
Kelly Kozak
Bernal Cutlery's Josh Donald (background) is one of six kiosk owners in the marketplace.
And actually, while there are technically half a dozen vendors, Wholesome Bakery's Mandy Harper has taken on a pair of kiosk mates, Desiree Salomon's DEZYS DRINKS and Danny Gabriner's Sour Flour, which will offer bread as well as flour and raw dough.

Bernal Cutlery's Josh Donald said Saturday's opening was, well, nuts. "There was a 5-minute window of time when people were not coming in," the knife sharpener said. "I'm just trying to keep up with the mountain of knives that people have brought in since the opening." Wholesome Bakery's Harper called the weekend throng "bananas." Still, she said, after the months of planning and construction, she confessed to being stoked. "It's been a lot of work, but it's also so exciting," Harper said.

The market is open daily 10 a.m.-7 p.m., though each kiosk keeps its own hours. Check with individual vendors before you go.

331 Cortland 331 Cortland (at Bennington)

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