Use the Hot Potato (App) to Cook Sunday Night Dinner with Anyone, Anywhere

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One of the more interesting things about cooking boils down (sorry) to its communal nature. Family recipes and cooking experiences create a sort of legacy that by-the-book recipes can only aspire to. But nowadays, gathering friends and family on a Sunday night to collectively perfect that risotto is probably a rare event ― especially if your best buds are scattered all over the world. But now, with a little site (and app) called Hot Potato, you can share the experience of cooking a dish with anyone, anywhere, and in real time.

On Sunday night (March 28), food blog Food52 is hosting a supper hour, during which you can cook alongside your friends and family (and perhaps even learn something from fellow cooking aficionados who happen to be complete strangers) via Hot Potato, which allows you to share notes, videos, and photos around events in real time. Think of it as participating in a little dinner-making party without having to clean up after anyone else. Food52 will be making risotto using recipes from its "Your Best Risotto" contest finalists.

To participate, sign up for Hot Potato and check in to the Risotto Sunday Supper event. Then download the app to access the event from your iPhone (and get a reminder for when it's time to start). You can participate by cooking ― sharing your comments, questions, videos, and photos ― or just follow along to learn from everyone else. This is Food52's second Sunday Supper; the first one  centered on making shrimp biryani.

This particular event starts at 7 p.m. EST, which is a tad early for many of us in S.F. But that's just an excuse for us to create our own supper night, right? (Do it.) That's kind of the spirit of Hot Potato, really. Whether it's cooking or watching Lost or going to a party, it's more fun with a backchannel that makes it feel like you're all in the same room. Even when you're not.

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