Lesbionic Roll?: Sushi Names That Wade into Identity Politics

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Really, Crazy Sushi?

We're not sure what exactly Crazy Sushi in the Mission means by putting a "Black Imagine Woman" roll on its menu. Is there something about the combination of crab meat, avocado, and eel that honors African American culture? We're suspecting, and reluctantly, the maki is rolled in black tobiko.... Oh, we're not sure we want to imagine what the sushi chefs might be imagining.

We get the "Castro Rainbow" roll, but is there something about white tuna wrapped in tempura rice noodles that makes a maki "Lesbionic"? Should we continue to mull this over, fretting ourselves into a liberal tizzy, or just laugh it off? We are confused. We may need to recover with a couple of Sapporos at the Richmond's Sushi Bistro and a caucasian afro roll, which is covered in crispy potato shreds. At least we get that.

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