PizzaHacker and the Pizza Cognition Theory

T. Palmer
Inside PizzaHacker's 1000-degree FrankenWeber oven.
​In a fascinating interview with Slice Pizza Blog, S.F. street-food purveyor PizzaHacker talks pizza technique, gives local recommendations, and defends his prices. PH:

If you think my pizzas are too expensive, Fuck You! Please enjoy your family farm-killing, exploited illegal immigrant-built, fake cheese-laden, nutritionally void, race-to-the-bottom pizza. You deserve it.

He also weighs in on the Pizza Cognition Theory (PCT), which apparently posits the indelible impression one's first pizza makes on their view of what pizza should be. It makes us wonder whether some of the young'uns running around the street food parties at Precita might be forming a lifelong attachment to PH creations. Stinging nettles as the new pepperoni? Perhaps.

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