PETA Wants You to Help Pick the Sexiest Vegetarian

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Sean from San Lorenzo.
​Is there something about packing your body with un-meat that makes you hot? That's the subtext of PETA's annual Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest. The animal-rights group is in the 11th hour of balloting for a roster of guys and gals who are as kind, presumably, as they are gorgeous.
Madelein from Oakland.
As for supporting the home team, there's 22-year-old Sean, a punky vegan boarder from San Lorenzo (162 votes), who maintains his body-fat-free physique with Tofurky stir-fries (we're guessing), S.F.'s own Ricardo (a doe-eyed pro fighter, 47 votes), and inked-up, scowly Nicholas from Brentwood (39 votes). Female-wise, there's Mary Ann-sweet Madelein from Oakland (467 votes), and Ginger-spicy Crystal, a Watsonville belly dancer (314 votes). Make your mind up fast, since voting ends noon EST on Friday. After that, 20 finalists will aim to out-gorgeous each other, with the ultimate winners (one man and one woman) announced April 14. The prize? A trip to Maui, marked by a prominent absence of Spam musubi. Unless somebody totally sneaks.

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