Mission Street Food Spokesman Calls Report on Commonwealth Premature

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Jesse Friedman/Beer & Nosh
Myint's so far mum.
Mission Street Food founder Anthony Myint isn't (yet) returning calls, after yesterday's Grub Street report that MSF's full-time charity-driven restaurant ― called Commonwealth, according to GS ― will land in the shuttered El Herradero at 2224 Mission (at 18th St.). We did manage a quick word this morning with Mission Burger's Danny Bowien, who told us any news about Commonwealth was premature, suggesting Myint probably isn't ready to talk, either to confirm or clarify (GS added a correction to the original post, suggesting that Commonwealth's opening is further off than the six weeks it originally reported). Indeed, a March 3 update on Kickstarter revealed that MSF had raised only $5,835 of the bare-minimum $10K it has to accrue by May 5, suggesting that yeah, there's a chance that Commonwealth might not get off the ground at all, much less on a time schedule countable in weeks. Or, for that matter, even close to being able to ink a lease.

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