Local Mission Eatery's House-Made Soda Spurns the Fizz

Tasty, if not exactly spritzy.
​We heard about the house-made sodas at Local Mission Eatery, so we stopped in to buy one yesterday ― a fitting endeavor on such a toasty afternoon. With the exception of the old windowed meat locker, we didn't recognize the place from its days as the home of a halal butcher. Now the joint looks simultaneously cozy and sleek, no small achievement really, and we're always glad to see a restaurant literally doing something for the kids: Everything on the small rotating menu is available in small portions for half price. We weren't there to eat though, just drink.

And we did: a 16-ounce plastic to-go cup of tangelo cream soda on ice ($3). We were expecting something pretty extraordinary: a box of sweet citrus hammered to its refreshing pulpy essence, fizzed up, and sent on a chilly detour to the Straus Family Creamery for a frothy top-off. In actuality, the soda wasn't so soda-like. There was no carbonation. It reminded us more of a cup of really good sherbet ― melted after a day in the sun and then re-iced. Still, tasty nonetheless.

Local Mission Eatery
3111 24th St. (at Folsom), 655-3422

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