Kauffman's Five: This Week in Blogativity

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A few of my favorite morsels from the blog and beyond this week:

1. Between @jasperslobrushe and @ruthbourdain, I have lost several irredeemable minutes this week to reading parody Twitter feeds.

M. Ladd
2. The Brazilian-owned pizza parlor is a San Francisco trope that doesn't usually result in good pizza or good Brazilian food. We should all hope that Brazilian pizzaiolos are paying attention to Mary Ladd's discovery of morning salgados, or deep-fried pastries, at the Twin Peaks Pizza & Pasta.

3. Bite o' the Week: When I bit into the Prather Ranch burger at Serpentine this week, juices arced across the plate. It was obscene ― and obscenely delicious.

4. Some people fantasize about a Kardashian triple-decker. Others, a spot on the board at 3M. Ever since talking to Maverick chef Scott Youkilis about his upcoming ham (and oyster) bar, Hog & Rocks, I've been daydreaming about a tasting platter of Kentucky country ham, jamon serrano, and prosciutto.

J. Birdsall
5. Tracking the influx of little NOLA-style restaurants, John Birdsall stumbled upon a corn maque choux at Tasty's Creole and Cajun good enough to eat all by itself. Apparently, the chef trained under a "roux master," a title I never knew existed.

Finally, a note to the food blogosphere: It's time to stop ewwing about the guy who made breast-milk cheese, which I'm not even going to link to. If you ignore him, he will go away.

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