A Guide to Chasing Korean Taco Trucks on the Peninsula

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Seoul on Wheels' tacos.
Today's review mentioned in passing the preponderance of Korean taco trucks, the majority modeled after L.A.'s Kogi BBQ, that are prowling the Peninsula. If you're inspired to take your bike down on CalTrain to do a Cyrus Farivar-style tour de tacos, here's the list of trucks, with their Web sites and Twitter feeds:

BBQ Kalbi
Web: http://bbqkalbi.com
Twitter: @bbqkalbi


Web: http://mogobbq.com
Twitter: @mogobbq

Net Appetit
No website or Twitter feed ― however, Metroactive's Stett Holbrook wrote a review

Seoul on Wheels (appears in Brisbane several days a week)
Web: www.seoulonwheels.com
Twitter: @seoulonwheels

Tony's Taco Truck (serves fusion tacos, including Korean)
Web: www.tonystacotruck.com
Twitter: @tonystacotruck

Another truck, Bulgogi BBQ, appears to be dormant.

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