Friday's Food Talk at Cal Marks Gastronomica's 10-Year Anniversary

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Gastronomica has carved out food journalism's middle ground.
​Founding editor Darra Goldstein dreamed up Gastronomica when she was on sabbatical from Williams College, where she teaches Russian. Goldstein also writes and edits cookbooks, including the Julia Child Award-winning The Georgian Feast. Now celebrating its 10th year of existence, Gastronomica occupies a chin-stroking middle ground between hard-line academia and the soft-focus realm of popular mainstream food writing ― stories, photographs, and art on food and society, an intersection steeped in history, culture, and politics. The publications serve entirely different purposes, but it remains a mountainous, multiflavored layer cake to Saveur's sourdough loaf and Bon Appetit's Ritz cracker.

We're a big fan, even so much as we must admit that we probably started writing about food in the first place because we loved the publication so much. Finally, we thought when we first read it, a world in print wherein food production and consumption are considered as illuminating a perspective on the way we live and think as visual art, film, literature, and music.

On Friday, Goldstein will celebrate Gastronomica's milestone anniversary with a talk at U.C. Berkeley's Dwinelle Hall. She shall converse with Barry Glassner, professor of sociology at U.S.C. and author of The Gospel of Food, on issues pertaining to food and identity in the United States and abroad, considering food politics as well as the cultural dimensions underlying food in various societies. It'll be a far cry from Oscar Mayer ads and recipes for 10-minute stir-fries.

Event details:
Panel Discussion: Food, Culture and Identity in a Global Society
Date: Fri., April 2, noon
Where: 3335 Dwinelle Hall, U.C. Berkeley Campus
Cost: Free

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