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Jun Belen/Jun-Blog
Pan de sal.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Messing around: Ah the weekend, when you can avoid the things you're supposed to do (looks like the litter box is facing a prolonged stretch of heinous), while obsessing over the strictly optional ― like making things to eat and drink. Two standout formulas wafting in from the blogs in recent days: Filipino pan de sal from Jun-Blog, and a rum-and-vermouth cocktail from Underhill-Lounge. Have fun.

Jun Belen's pan de sal (Filpino bread rolls) look like the way the ones we've had from places like Goldilocks never are: handmade. "The biggest challenge in making homemade pan de sal is making it light and fluffy and not at all dense," observes the Jun-Blog blogger. Over several tries, he tweaked a recipe from Kulinarya: a Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine. Cop his secrets, and by Sunday brunch you'll be feasting on Spam-wiches made with your very own rolls.

Meanwhile, Underhill-Lounge blogger Erik Ellestad is working his way through every recipe ― from Abbey to Zed ― in Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book, a document of 1930s London cocktail culture. This week, Ellestad published his own take on the Sevilla Cocktail (No. 1), one of many Manhattan cognates that swaps out rum for bourbon. Straightforward, and delicious looking. And one of the best things about recipes on Underhill-Lounge are the accompanying reader comments, de facto footnotes (more after the jump).

Sevilla Cocktail (No.1).
​Ellestad works behind the bar at Heaven's Dog, and we get the feeling that fellow bartenders ― or at least very serious cocktail geeks ― are the ones commenting. Exhibit A, via "Frederic":
Wouldn't the drink be different stirred if the ice wasn't bruising up the orange peel like it would in a hard shake? I guess the peel could be muddled to extract some bitterness and oils, and then stirring would accomplish the same thing.
He's got a point there.

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