Bi-Rite's Open Again, but the Soft-Serve Window's Been Delayed

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John D./Yelp
​It's a good news/bad news thing: Yes, as we reported Monday, an expanded Bi-Rite Creamery reopened today ― that's the good news. But the soft-serve window won't open till Friday. By the way, the Creamery's expanded indoor seating? It's been bumped up from three seats to 10, meaning that, at any given time on a Sunday, only, say, 53 expectant ice cream lovers will be queued up on 18th Street (instead of the inevitable 60). But those 10 lucky sitters will have something really, really nice to perch on as they experience twinges of schadenfreude for standers: A Bi-Rite press release called the new seating "a long bench of lustrous, salvaged, wind-fallen Cyprus wood." Whether that means wood from the Mediterranean island or from a cypress tree, we can't wait to feel it beneath us.

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