Saluting the Sentinel: Your SFoodie Lunch Planner

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Clean up your own mess afterward.
Tues., Feb. 9, 2010

Lunchtime self-protection rule number 403: If you're standing outside Dennis Leary's downtown sandwich shop The Sentinel, fretting over your 30 seconds in front of the menu before the fast-flowing line washes you up to the counter, and the woman behind you says, "GET THE LAMB MEATBALLS," in a tone that usually proceeds the reading of someone's Miranda rights, you obey her.

If you are a food writer who ends up on a park bench minutes afterward, lips gory with tomato sauce, clutching the last red-stained hunk of bread in your fist, fretting over how quickly you devoured three of the tenderest, feta-flecked meatballs that have ever graced a seeded roll, you may feel the need to pass the command on.

The Sentinel 37 New Montgomery (at Stevenson Alley), 284-9960

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