Translating Chinese New Year's Menus, Part 2: New Hing Lung

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​In honor of the blossoming year of the metal tiger, last week SFoodie drove around San Francisco picking up New Year's menus ― a million thanks to Adobo Hobo's Ed Chui and his parents for translating them for us.
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We'll be rolling out the menus on the blog all week.

Today's menu comes from New Hing Lung on Noriega, which offers two set menus, one at $178, the other at $218. We're posting the more expensive (which always means better, right?) of the two ― call seven to nine of your friends and make a reservation. Click on the banquet menu above to enlarge (English translations are embedded in the image). Or scroll through the English text version (after the jump).

Chinese New Year's Special
Price: $218

Lettuce wrap
Shredded chicken, dried scallops, and shark fin soup
Honey walnut prawns
Peking duck
Shitake mushrooms with mustard greens
Garlic roasted chicken
Ginger-scallion lobster
Chef's choice steamed fish
Stir-fried crab meat and snow pea sprouts
Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls

You can read more about the wordplay, visual puns, and customs buried within the menu listings here and here. And check out yesterday's menu from Empero Taste in the Outer Richmond.

New Hing Lung 1556 Noriega (at 23rd Ave.), 661-8860

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