This Week's 'Bouncer': At Clock Bar, the Opposite of Hooking Up

What makes hotel bars so lovable, and so lonely?
SF Weekly b-gal Katy St. Clair nurses a gimlet amid the stripe-y elegance of Clock Bar in the Westin St. Francis this week, watching The Bachelor on her laptop, feeling both alien and not. The "Bouncer" columnist ponders identity, the way you ponder melting ice cubes in a spent highball: The high-sheen J. Crew girls of the Marina, power septuagenarians ― they're the kind of people you see at a place like Clock Bar and think you can read, except when you can't. St. Clair:
I've said it once and I'll say it again: I love hotel bars. The Clock Bar is one of my favorites because it's relatively small and overlooks one of the lobbies. It also has a ton of cozy seating and warm lighting. When I'm there I like to figure out who's a high-priced call girl, who's an out-of-towner, and who's a local trying to impress someone.
Mull over the rest of "Bouncer" here. Read the strangers at the next table? That's a talent every bit as elusive as Clock Bar's happy hour.

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