Next SF Food Wars Battle: Jersey Shore Meets the Chocolate Cookie

The non-cookie Situation, inspiration for a local cooking competition.
​ We reported earlier this month that the next SF Food Wars cooking contest would be called the Chocolate Cookie Situation, named in tribute to The Situation, the lovable, arthropodic galoot from MTV's Jersey Shore.

"It's like a chocolate cookie with abs," organizer Jeannie Choe explained to the 200-plus attendees of last month's artisan bread battle, the evocatively titled Yeast Affliction!

To keep the Shore flavor alive, Choe has just announced that she's booked the Chocolate Cookie Situation into the nightclub Mighty for some Sunday afternoon clubbing in March. Rumor has it that the fist-pumping soundtrack might be provided by DJ Pauly D, albeit only in cutout cardboard form, so don't quote us on that. And, as the lucky guest judge who is present at all the battles, we'd like to take the opportunity to remind dear readers that this blogger will be accepting bribes again, starting now.

Event details:
SF Food Wars' Chocolate Cookie Situation
Date: Sun., Mar. 21, 2-5 p.m.
Location: Mighty, 119 Utah (at 15th St.), 762-0151
Cost: $TBD
Reservations: Tickets go on sale some time next week, which will also be the time for prospective contestants to apply; follow SF Food Wars on Twitter for the announcement of the exact date. These battles typically sell out within minutes.

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