Local Flavor: Happy Dumpling's Pot Stickers and Lamb Kebabs

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J. Birdsall
Market breakfast: Shandong-style dumplings and warm soy milk.
​Linda Jiang and Chuck Kerson stumbled on pot stickers by accident, really. When they first set up at the Sunday Stonestown Farmers' Market last July, they called their stand Rou Chuan, literally "lamb meat on a stick" in Mandarin. Now they call themselves Happy Dumpling, though the "lamb meat" moniker survives in banner form.
J. Birdsall
Jiang, a native of Shandong province in northern China, makes pot stickers filled with pork and chives, and pork and cabbage: stretchy-soft dumplings, with lacy-crisp edges where they've sizzled in oil after the water that steams them has evaporated. For the wrappers, she and Kerson (they're married) source low-gluten wheat flour from Korea. "It's hard to find," Kerson says. The lamb kebabs that gave their stand its name are still there, fat-threaded bits spiced with cumin, grilled over a propane fire. But it's the pot stickers and Jiang's warm homemade soy milk that has customers lined up Sunday mornings. Kerson hopes to set up his stand in more markets ― he's got applications out for 15 others. With any luck, he says, they'll land a slot at the Castro summer market.

Happy Dumpling (aka Yang Rou Chuan) Sunday Stonestown Farmers' Market, 3251 20th Ave. (at Buckingham Way), 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

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