Kauffman's Five: Food Bloggery High Points from This Week

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Favorite morsels from the blogs and beyond:

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Le Cherpumple
1. They said it couldn't be repeated. They said it shouldn't be repeated. But this week Andy Wright spent five hours baking a pie-in-a-cake-times-three cherpumple. The results seemed surprisingly sliceable. I am in awe.

2. Mary Ladd talked to S.F. icon Amy Tan about the Chinese New Year festivities of her childhood, which involved pork floss, pot stickers, See's Candies, and massive payouts to the kids. Times were better then.

3. John Birdsall reported on his weekend trip to the farmers' market in Stonestown, where he discovered both Shandong-style dumplings and top-notch crème brûlées from a stand called "Sweet." (Here's hoping there's a "Dude." spinoff stand in the works.)

4. Bite o' the week: The lucky sesame ball I just waited 30 minutes for at Good Luck Dim Sum (736 Clement at Ninth Ave.), lining up behind approximately 38 people picking up sticky-rice cakes and boxes of pastries for the weekend. Why wait that long? Everyone else was. The sesame ball was so worth the time -- warm, crusty, not too oily, more air than red-bean paste inside -- that I impatiently downed it, forgetting to document my purchase. Bad blogger.

5. And even though next week is going to be a blowout for the food-obsessed -- Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Abe Lincoln's birthday -- this Saturday night party at La Victoria on 24th St. and Alabama still sounds worth hitting, with a dozen street-cart vendors, live music, visual art, and of course, pan dulce.

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