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Little City Gardens
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Growing the green: Heather Smith, who wrote briefly for SFoodie last year, picked up on Little City Gardens, the backyard farm near Dolores Park whose efforts to expand Andrew Simmons has blog-chronicled here. Yesterday at Mission Loc@l, Smith went in-depth with Little City urban ag-anistas Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway, describing their efforts to harvest growth capital:

Getting a bank loan to expand would be impossible, but a week ago Budner and Galloway posted a business plan on a Kickstarter, a Brooklyn-based fundraising website. They asked for $15,000 to buy the shadecloth, irrigation equipment, tools, and time needed to seek out a new site and nearly quadruple their turf.... In seven days, the project has already raised more than $10,000. The garden, so close to the bustle of 18th street, feels secret, but it's linked to an informal quasi-subterranean network of chefs and other farming enthusiasts that turns out to have a surprisingly wide reach.
We'd like to think our post helped nurture some of that green growth ― urban ag projects like Little City are scarce as wild hops. Check out Smith's piece here. And next time you're at the corner of 18th and Guerrero, pause to consider that serious food production is as close as a Tartine morning bun. And maybe easier to access.

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