Doggy Bag: Punch Drunk at Omnivore

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gutter juice.jpg
The making of Mission Gutter Juice.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Guttersnipe: Blogger Sam Tackeff of the has a photo-rich report on Saturday's punch contest at Omnivore Books, where Tackeff works. We'll let her refresh your memory:

The rules were simple: free entry if you bring your punch, boozy or non (okay, they were all boozy, who were we kidding?), or pay $5 at the door to drink as much punch as you can handle.... There were no actual requirements for entry, you just had to show up. Which of course, made it slightly nerve-wracking for us when it was ten minutes 'til, and the punches still hadn't arrived. It was down to the wire, but I'm happy to report that we had 10 completely unique and intriguing entries.
There was Kagetaka's Grog, spiced persimmon vodka; Jetsetter Punch (brandy, rum, and cacha├ža, with green tea and nutmeg syrup); and The Whiskey Sunrise, sort of a whiskey sour gone fishbowl-size. But the winner? Mission Gutter Juice: vodka, Bud Lite, Fresca, and lemonade mix, which sounds disturbingly like the concoctions we created in junior high, whenever our parents spent Friday nights out.

In other words, a classic.

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