15 Romolo's Dirty South Burger: Portion Control for the Crunk

T. Palmer
How to get crunk in North Beach.
Ground beef in a bun, topped with barbecued pulled pork. In the wrong hands, this is why you're fat. At 15 Romolo (at Broadway), this is known as the Dirty South-style burger. The kitchen has kindly made it slider-sized to keep arteries from clogging completely.

After devouring it, we were delighted to find chef Jake Kwan-Rosenbush in the kitchen, cooking to the appropriate soundtrack. Kwan-Rosenbush reports to executive chef Kate Borzee, a recent transplant from Coi, and the two come up with inventive and well-sourced menu items like this grass-fed and grain-finished beef burger along with co-managing partner Scott Baird. Thank heaven (and these guys) for portion control.

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