Crushpad Leaving Dogpatch for Napa

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The custom winemaker is gettin' the hell out of Dogpatch.
​S.F. wine writer W. Blake Gray dropped the news on his blog yesterday that DIY winemaking company Crushpad is leaving its facility in Dogpatch (2573 Third St. at 22nd St.) for more idyllic surroundings in the Napa Valley. In The Gray Market Report, Gray reports that the custom winemaking company has its sights on the Silverado Trail Wine Studio in Napa's Oak Knoll District.

Crushpad CEO Michael Brill fleshed out further details via e-mail, calling the move an "opportunity of a lifetime." The Silverado Trail facility is owned by Premier Pacific Vineyards and is surrounded by 25 acres of vineyards. Each company will have its own entrance, and Crushpad is keen to use the new winery's larger tanks. "Throughout February, we'll be doing some minor upgrades such as paint," Brill writes, "landscaping and, of course, a new Crushpad sign. We should be up and running the first week in March." Crushpad Napa will have a tasting room, and be open seven days a week; viticulture, cork, and barrel sessions will also be part of the new space. More details are spelled out on the FAQ page on Crushpad's site.

Gray adds more: "Strictly for wine quality, the new location at Silverado Trail Wine Studio in the Oak Knoll District is better because the grapes won't have to travel as far after picking. There's also an outlet for microwineries who get a business license to sell their wines ― the biggest hurdle ― because Silverado Trail Wine Studio has a tasting room."

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