Were Pot Cookies Responsible for In-Flight Freak Out?

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There's a reason Reefer Madness has become a laugh riot among bong-toting college students across the realm. After all, you don't have to be stoned into the next dimension to get a laugh out of earnest depictions of marijuana turning people into crazed, violent killers and rapists. And boom microphones dropping into the shot are funny, too.

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Hanna Quevedo
Well, enter Kinman Chan. The 30-year-old San Francisco man is using the "Pot Made Me Do It" defense regarding a midair outburst in which he fought with US Air personnel and forced his Philadelphia-to-Los Angeles flight to land in Pittsburgh. According to flight crew members, Chan ransacked an airplane bathroom while screaming, then emerged from the commode with pants down and shirt untucked. After refusing to take a seat, he grappled with flight attendants. He now claims he popped twice his normal dosage of medical marijuana cookies ― which apparently explains it all.

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How many cookies did I eat?

Well, not for Aaron Smith. The California director of the Marijuana Policy Project said Chan may have some problems ― but too much pot isn't one of them. "Most anecdotal evidence shows marijuana makes you even more subdued. [Violence] is something alcohol is linked to when you hear about problems on airplanes," he said. "I'm definitely dubious of this claim."

While a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in Pittsburgh ― where Chan is being held in custody ― noted that he had a medical marijuana card for a "legitimate" health issue, Smith doesn't think this instance will cast aspersions on other medical pot users.
"I think everybody knows that marijuana doesn't cause this sort of behavior," he said. "I don't think this guy's claims are going to have much affect beyond this little story."
Regarding Chan's medical marijuana cookies, a chuckling Smith adds, "Maybe it was the sugar."

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