A Dripper Bar Grows in Brooklyn

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Apparently the siphon is a child's toy compared to the slow dripper.
Today, the New York Times reports that Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee is opening a roaster and cafe this week in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, to be exact). Followers of owner James Freeman's tweets have been noticing that he's been in New York a lot, and now everyone knows why. Blue Bottle East is creating a similar kind of setup to Mint Plaza, serving two different kinds of pour-over coffee and creating a spectacle with a Japanese siphon slow-dripper bar.

Blue Bottle is actually the second major West Coast Third Wave microroaster to settle in New York in the past six months.

In September, Portland's Stumptown Coffee (a certain former Seattleite's favorite source for coffee, and known in the Bay Area for having mentored Ritual) opened a Manhattan cafe and Brooklyn roasting facility. New York is a natural second city for both roasters. The city hasn't produced a native microroaster of their caliber yet, and New Yorkers should respond well to both companies' precision and preciousness. We have an e-mail out to James Freeman asking for more information. Of course, if anyone has overheard the new competitors trash-talk each other, send us transcripts.

CORRECTION: Apparently my knowledge of specialty coffee brewing devices is deficient; a slow-dripper is not a siphon. Apologies.

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