The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit

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Haiti's tragic earthquake has forced many of us in the Bay Area to remember that we aren't immune to the wrath of plate tectonics. One of the most important ― and sadly, most neglected ― parts of earthquake preparedness is the food-filled disaster kit. Besides packing a few cans of soup and some water, what's a foodie to do? Read on for our suggestions.


8. Humphry Slocombe Bacon Peanut Brittle
Ice cream may not be the best option for a disaster kit, but you can still store some Humphry Slocombe goodness in the form of bacon peanut brittle. The $6 caramelized treat is relatively cheap and high in fat ― two important qualities for any earthquake kit.


7. Cranberry Balsamic Black Pepper Jam
In addition to peanut butter and crackers, we suggest packing cranberry balsamic black pepper jam from local artisanal maker Slow Jams. Other flavors include onion fennel bacon relish, sugar-free strawberry lemon, quince butter, and honey persimmon butter.


6. Spice Vice Tamarind Caramels
For a cheap and storage-friendly snack, consider Spice Vice's spicy tamarind caramels. The tangy-sweet morsels cost $4.99 for a box of eight at Bi-Rite Creamery.


5. 4505 Meats' Chicharrones
Natural pork, sea salt, cane sugar, and chiles go into these chicharrones we can't seem to get enough of, part of 4505's Swine So Fine line. For now, your best bet is to pick these up at at the 4505 stand at the Ferry Building Thursday market.


4. Foodie Survival Kit
Sure, you can pack some jam and chicharrones for flavor, but any good earthquake kit will also come with plenty of canned foods. That's where the Foodie Survival Kit comes in. This $35 kit comes with organic herbs and spices along with some soy sauce and wasabi for good measure.

3. Nutella
It may not be a favorite of foodie snobs, but there's something to be said for a spoonful of this Italian treat. The plastic Nutella jars probably won't shatter in a quake, and the chocolate inside won't melt in severe summer heat.


2. SnackMaster's Gourmet Jerky
Can't stomach bacon or chicharrones? Consider packing in some gourmet ahi tuna, salmon, or range-grown turkey jerky from SnackMasters. A packet of ahi tuna jerky costs $7.99.


1. A Twist of the Wrist
Wondering how to doctor up the packets and cans in your survival kit? Nancy Silverton's A Twist of the Wrist, a cookbook filled with meal ideas using survival-friendly ingredients, can help.
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