SFoodie's 92: Chocolate Beignet from Arlequin Café

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J. Birdsall
As a windup to the Weekly's Best of S.F. 2010 on May 19, we've teased out 92 of our favorite local dishes that taste like here, a different one each day. Tweet your own nominations ― extra points for pics ― to @SFoodie.

Number 83: Chocolate Beignet from Arlequin Café

When it comes to dessert plate-ups, Absinthe pastry chef Luis Villavelazquez has a gorgeously baroque touch. But for the pastries he designs for Arlequin Café, Absinthe's casual next-door sib, it's the astonishingly luxe ingredients Villavelazquez uses to reframe the cliché offerings of the neighborhood bakery that leave us gobsmacked. Our favorite? Arlequin's beignets, glazed, slider-sized filled doughnuts. Of the four fillings on offer (more ― including bacon ― Thursdays at Ferry Plaza), the chocolate has us under its spell. It's a 50-50 mix of bittersweet from Valrhona and TCHO, melded into a squidgy, dangerously deep-tasting pomade. Could this be the most insidiously indulgent sinker ever made?

Arlequin Café 384 Hayes (at Gough), 626-1211 and Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, South Arcade

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