Eight of the Most Awesome Food Tech Gadgets

The Ham Dogger makes hot dog-like hamburgers via the wonders of plastic technology.
We're still dreaming of the day we'll have our very own KitchenAid mixer, let alone some of these startling feats of culinary technology. Most awesome doesn't always mean most expensive, but if you have the extra scratch, you sure can snag some insane kitchen appliances.

8. Ham Dogger
While the tech behind this gadget is nothing more than a plastic mold with no bells and whistles, you can make a quarter-pound of ground beef look like a quarter-pound of ground beef shaped like a hot dog.


7. Gastrovac
A "compact appliance for cooking and impregnating in a vacuum," declares the International Cooking Concepts Web site. Wait, what? Impregnating in a vacuum? Maybe the $3,000 price tag isn't as crazy as we thought.

100kw & sgss
6. CastOven
You know how it's so terribly hard to pull yourself away from YouTube to go microwave something for 30 seconds? With CastOven, you'll never have that incredibly difficult problem again.

Oregon Scientific
5. Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer
"Hey, lazy ass! Your meat is ready!" Awesome.

4. Cipher Drinking Glasses
We don't think they're sophisticated enough to spell out "roofie" just yet, but these glasses should otherwise tell you what you're drinking once the liquid is poured in. They aren't on the market yet, but should be.

3. Slap Chop
Simple, affordable, and it even inspires dope remixes ("You're gonna love my nuts!").

2. Rihanna Kitchen Scale
The pop singer doesn't come help you weigh those nuts in the kitchen, but you can play her songs via the iPod attachment.

Hammacher Schlemmer
1. Oenophile's Personal Winery
Got six grand? Get this, and make your own digitally analyzed wine from grapes specially flown to your door.

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