Korean Taco Truck MoGo BBQ Readying San Francisco Debut

MoGo BBQ Short Rib Taco 2-web.jpg
MoGo's Korean short rib test taco.
​Looks like Curry Up Now (currently strung up in DMV red tape) isn't the only mobile food truck poised to roll onto San Francisco streets in coming months. Korean-style food truck MoGo BBQ is hoping to start selling in the city just as soon as the owners can wrap up licensing and overhaul their taco truck. MoGo's Amafel Andaya told us the truck is catering private events for now, as it readies a public launch. "Our food is influenced by Korean food handed down in family recipes," Andaya said. Influenced sounds like the key word: Andaya cited short rib tacos, spicy pork quesadillas, and some permutation of hot dogs as offerings Sam Pak and Chef JoJo -- MoGo's pair of 29-year-old chef-owners -- are beta testing. Chef JoJo trained at CCA.

L.A's Kogi is definitely the model here, but Andaya promised that JoJo (she called California Cuisine one of his big influences) wants to give it some Bay Area flavor. Oh, and the name MoGo? It sounds like the word for "eat" in Korean, and is also a condensing of the words "mobile gourmet." Here's MoGo BBQ's Twitter page.

We get the feeling that, what with normal startup delays and the partners' virgin status as business owners, it'll be months -- not weeks -- before you'll be tasting those spicy pork quesadillas.

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