Grits You Can Bask In: Your SFoodie Lunch Planner

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Christine L./Yelp
The Snuggie you wrap your insides in.
Weds., Jan. 6, 2010

Little Skillet's grits with andouille and cheddar is the lunchtime equivalent of the Snuggie: grits haunted with butter -- gluey in a good way -- with an orange-gold scurf of melted cheese and hunks of sautéed sausage that jack your core temperature way up. After the first virgin bites, you can douse it with hot sauce to turn the whole thing electric. And while it's sure to congeal a bit before you get to the end, and both cheddar and andouille are gone too soon, It's likely you'll be too satisfied to care.

Little Skillet 360 Ritch (at Townsend), 777-2777

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