Doggy Bag: Supreme Court Ruling Will Work Its Way into Your Shopping Bag

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Not even Berkeley Bowl can save you.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Oh noes!: What does yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court decision to jimmy open the sewer lid to corporate campaign contributions have to do with the food you eat? Pantloads, writes Food Politics blogger Marion Nestle. "The decision to overturn limits on corporate campaign contributions will affect every aspect of society, food included," Nestle writes. In other words, things like reforming school lunch, reducing handouts to Big Ag, and addressing soil and water purity are suddenly much, much harder to achieve. Crap.

Nestle: "I have long argued that campaign contributions are one of two major sources of corruption in government (the other is the way Wall Street requires corporations to report growth every 90 days)." Meanwhile, at Food Safety News, Helena Bottemiller quotes Grist blogger Tom Laskawy: "Anyone who believes that we need to address climate change, our food system, our exposure to toxic chemicals and our energy policy to put this country on a sustainable path should be outraged by the Supreme Court's ruling."

Time to get the hell off the grid, turning that clay-ey weedpatch of S.F. terrain you call the back garden into a broccoli patch? Fish out that old pair of Crocs and start tilling ― soon as the rain stops, that is.

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