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Civil Eats
A viable solution to keep families from eating crap?
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Today at Civil Eats, Sarah Henry describes volunteers' efforts to stock and staff a farmers' market stall Tuesday afternoons at Glenview Elementary School. It's one of 10 public schools in Oakland with stands, only it isn't a fundraiser or part of some Edible Schoolyard-style curriculum. Instead, it's an effort to encourage parents to start eating stuff they normally wouldn't. Like, here: Try cooking up some kale at home. Here's Henry (after the jump):

This stand serves simply to educate parents, students, and staff about seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables, and offer such produce at competitive prices, thanks to the generosity of Farmer Joe's, a natural grocery store in the community, which supplies the stand at close to cost.
And unlike the other Oakland schools with farmers' market stands, Glenview isn't in an impoverished neighborhood, nor is it in a swank one. Just an ordinary working class 'hood, acknowledging that parents need coaching about expanding diets beyond burritos and frozen pizzas. Henry again:
Parent volunteer Mark Halmi mans a tasting table to encourage folks to try unfamiliar produce. Last week Mark sauteed Swiss chard with garlic and raisins; a recent tasting made purple potato converts out of many pupils and their parents.
Sort of sad that it's come to that, but hopeful that programs like Glenview's just might work.
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