Doggy Bag: The Sugar Junkie's Guide to S.F.

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Flem J./Yelp
Custard tart from Golden Gate Bakery
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

City sweets: Kristin Smith sugar-binges hard for The Bold Italic as she undertakes a two-day insulin freak-out at eight of the city's neighborhood bakeries: Chinese-American (AA, Eastern, Alex), Italian-American (Victoria, Mara's, Stella), Georgian (Moscow & Tbilisi), even Irish (John Campbell's). Smith's rationale, besides the fact that nobody really needs an excuse for smoking sticky carbs? After the jump:

In a city filled with such ethnic diversity, I figure there must be delicious treats beyond the overflowing and often overpriced joints of the Mission and Castro. I assemble a team of "research associates," a group of all-too-willing friends who agree to join me for various legs of the journey. Everyone is eager at the start, but it turns out that even the biggest sugar addicts can only handle about two hours of tasting before crashing.
Smith's tour is a decent intro to city offerings ― the threshold snickerdoodle, in other words, before you scarf the whole bag. Read it in full here. Then go exploring on your own.
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