You Could Totally Walk Away from Next Month's Fruit Fest with a Plumpeachicot

Not the kind you drive: Fruit tree scions.
​On Jan. 23, city folk will have an opportunity to gild their modest backyard orchards for pennies ― at most. That day, the annual California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) Redwood Chapter garden club scion and plant exchange is happening at the Veterans Building in Sebastopol (282 High at Willow). Founded in 1968, the CRFG is the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world. Over 500 varieties of common and rare plants from all over the globe will be available for free at this event. Beginners can sit in on grafting and planting demonstration classes and lob questions at resident experts and seasoned hobbyists ― some of whom will be happy to create impromptu custom trees for attendees in exchange for small supplemental donations. With a little aid, you could walk away with your very own mutant FujiGalaGrannyDelicious sapling ― quite the conversation piece, we're sure. Nonmembers can arrive at 10 a.m.; chapter members get a 60-minute head start. Both should bring a requested $5 donation ― to help pay for the facility rental and insurance.

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