Sprinkles Planning a Cupcake Shop for Union Square in 2010

The Sprinklesmobile is gone, but a brick-and-mortar shop is planned for S.F.
​We're guessing the Sprinklesmobile has made its long, straight trip down Interstate 5 by now, and is all tucked up amid the incandescent warmth of Beverly Hills. The Southern California-based mobile cupcake equivalent of the Dodgers was in Justin Herman Plaza yesterday, on the home turf of Kara's Cupcakes' Karavan, the Giants in our clever baseball metaphor (the Karavan was on the DL, apparently). The Sprinklesmobile also parked in front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum at Mission near Third Street, not far from the Yelp offices, but, according to a "bummed" SFoodie reader, was a no-show at Twitter.

And while the Sprinklesmobile is gone, the north-south rivalry isn't over ― not by a long shot. Yesterday a company source told SFoodie that Sprinkles plans to open a permanent shop in the Union Square area sometime in late 2010 (the chain's current northernmost outpost in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto).

Time for Kara's to open a shop in West Hollywood?

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