Snacktion: DeLessio's Rabanada, Brazilian-Style French Toast

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T. Palmer
Name: Rabanada
Found at: DeLessio Market and Bakery (302 Broderick at Oak; also at 1695 Market at Gough)
Cost: $2.25
Ingredients: French bread, milk, condensed milk, organic sugar, cinnamon
The word:
Brazilian French toast made creamier with the addition of condensed milk, pan-fried and tossed with sugar and cinnamon.
Tasting notes: It's all about the contrast between outside and inside. It doesn't turn soggy, and you don't even have to heat it, though that'd probably be good, too.
Buy it again? We're going to hell if we do, but what the hell.
Extra credit: Add butter or syrup, and you're really asking for it (in the best possible way).

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