A Few Copies of McSweeney's Food-Obsessed Panorama Are Just $5 Tomorrow. Here's Where

Get a taste of high culture at a rock-bottom price.
​We've been stewing like a bone-warming pot of chili in anticipation of Panorama's heavyweight food section -- and counting coins we've scooped up from the bottom of our laundry bag. The $16 price tag for the upcoming McSweeney's issue is not cheap, but thankfully, you won't have to pay that much. According to Kale Daikon of Weird Vegetables, the elusive vegetable-obsessed scribe (look for her Panorama article on unusual fall produce), copies will be sold for a mere $5 on select street corners and at various bookstores around the Bay Area. Daikon herself will sling papers -- presumably in character, with soot-smudged cheeks and a jaunty newsy cap -- at 24th Street and Sanchez from early morning until noon tomorrow. For a list of the five-buck locations, check the Google Maps listing.

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