Hair of the Dog: Apocalypse Busters at Sweet Jo's in the JCC

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C. Alburger
The Dr. Peter Venkman of breakfast sandwiches?
Most of us have our preferred poison, be it PBR, Pinot, or mixology's latest love child. For mornings after one or 10 too many, SFoodie offers Hair of the Dog, our weekly recommendation on where to run when a hangover calls. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

C. Alburger
The cafe serves up East Coast-deli memorabilia with a Cali/kosher twist.
​See the griddle marks stamped into this House of Bagels bagel. Witness the cheddar and Jack cheese mixture melting into the just-toasted Brooklynite bread. Take in the crispy edges on the turkey bacon rubbing up on two over-hard eggs inside.

This is the flipped egg sandwich from Sweet Jo's, ordered on an off-menu onion bagel.

We at HOD HQ give it very high hangover enemy status. In fact, we think of it as the Dr. Peter Venkman to your scariest headache-and-nausea ― meaning it's guaranteed to lighten things up and distract you, even if it doesn't completely wipe out the monsters.

i want that one.jpg
C. Alburger
Owner Joana Karlinsky has her own line of ice creams, called Lucky Dawg.
​Sweet Jo's owner Joanna Karlinsky dishes out other edible, East Coast-deli memorabilia with a Cali/kosher twist at her newish spot in the JCC. Think Reuben with Niman Ranch corned beef and New York-style sourdough pizza. You might remember Karlinsky for the tear-of-joy-inducing biscuits she made at The Meetinghouse, which closed in 2002 due in large part to an almost-paralyzing third-degree burn she acquired while preparing that year's Thanksgiving feast. (Karlinksy sells the biscuits, frozen, here.)

Karlinsky's back in action with this quick-service, any-time-of-day food stop, appealing to everyone from the Pac Heights' mom to the $15 dollar-an-hour worker to the Pac Heights' mom who works for $15 dollars an hour (if she exists), with a menu that spans the plebeian (mac 'n' cheese) to the esoteric (kosher salami and bresaola pizza).

Now back to that hangover. We'll leave you with one final trick. Take another off-menu jaunt to the milkshakes Karlinsky concocts from her own Lucky Dawg ice cream. Made with super-dense flavors like chocolate brownie peanut butter mousse, one of these sweet, creamy sippables might provide the electric shock necessary to avoid apocolypse. You can thank us later.

HOD, here to save the world again.

Sweet Jo's Cafe 3200 California. (at Presidio), 345-0090

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