Guess Who Showed Up at Last Night's Underground Farmers' Market? The Health Department

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It was all cool, until...
​Grub Street's Jay Barmann reports on the Health Department's bust of last night's Underground Farmers' Market in a private residence in the Mission.

Organizer Iso Rabins of forageSF blogged today that the event was otherwise a success, attracting what he reckoned to be hundreds of shoppers. Rabins then describes his encounter with officials:

The health department did show up. Was a pretty nerve wracking couple minutes. I've never actually dealt with the health department before, and I must say that I've always had the feeling out them that I do about most government organization, dread ... but I must say that the health department was very nice. I was amazed. We had a 10 minute chat about how I might do the market again in the future, and ways to make it more legit. I was totally amazed, and pleased with the interaction. I know what you're thinking, I'm just writing that to suck up, so they won't bust me, but it's true. In the end I wish they hadn't come at all, but if they had to come (because tipped them off!), then I have to say they came correct ("correct" is what the kids are saying these days).
Rabins thinks the Health Department was tipped off by someone from a legitimate farmers' market, though he declined to say who.

"If they had concerns about the market, they should have come to me," he wrote. "We could have discussed ways to make it better, they could have helped rather than sicking the hounds on us. Bastards."

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