New Indian Vegetarian Takeout from Chai Cart Street-Food Vendor

​In the mood for some home-style Indian vegetarian food for dinner? Green Coriander, a separate new takeout service from The Chai Cart street-food vendor, has recently joined the ranks of the S.F. nonstaurant trend. Paawan Kothari worked in marketing and strategy for a big tech company, while spending weekends selling chai on the streets. She recently quit her day job to focus on offering healthy, home-cooked vegetarian meals for dinner Mon-Thu. Sexy Soup Lady Kristin Hoppe is Green Coriander's resident nutritionist.

The business model is similar to vendors like Mai Le's Banh Mai and Natalie Galatzer's Bike Basket Pies. Each Sunday a new weekly menu is posted on Kothari's Web site. (Meal prices for December are $5 each item, but she plans to raise that price next year.) Each meal or thali comes with rice, roti, vegetarian entree, dal, and a side salad. Place your order via e-mail before noon for the particular day you want; pickup time is between 6:30-7:30 p.m. Delivery within a limited area is available for large orders (10 items or more), with a $5 fee.

Specific instructions about ordering and the two pickup locations (Mission and SOMA) can be found at Green Coriander's Web site. Kothari does seem a little less forgiving about no-shows than Le or Galatzer -- although you can pay by cash, she requires a credit card number for all orders. Should you miss a pickup, Kothari puts it this way: "Take comfort in the knowledge that you have provided a wholesome meal to a homeless person."

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