Five Deliciously Deceptive Desserts

T. Palmer
Candybar's Nacho Sundae.
We've noticed a fun trend in San Francisco dining: Deceptive desserts fashioned to look like something other than what they are, whether another sweet item or something savory. Here are five of our faves:

5. Nacho Sundae at Candybar (1335 Fulton at Divisadero)

Cinnamon sugar crisps are dusted with cilantro and topped with a salsa of kiwi and papaya, mango matchsticks that look like cheese, avocado yogurt in place of guacamole, and horchata ice cream masquerading as sour cream. The jalapeño slice on top is real, though it's been ceremoniously dipped in sugar.

T. Palmer
Fancy Wheat Field Bakery's Cake Cone.
4. Cake Cone from Fancy Wheat Field Bakery (2668 San Bruno at Bacon)

An adorable Hong Kong-style bakery in the Portola District takes a diagonal slice of vanilla cream cake and tops it with chocolate and sprinkles. This is an optical illusion in two ways: It looks like an ice cream cone, and it also looks like a lot less of a commitment than it actually is.

T. Palmer
La Copa Loca's Ice Spaghetti Pomodoro.
3. Ice Spaghetti Pomodoro from La Copa Loca (3150 22nd St. at Capp)

A layer of marshmallow cream is topped by vanilla gelato, fresh strawberry sauce, and white chocolate shavings that look like noodles and Parmesan sprinkles. The illusion dissolves quickly on a warm day, though.

T. Palmer
Pudding Pop by Citizen Cake.
2. Pudding Pop from Citizen Cake (399 Grove at Gough)

Bill Cosby would be horrified by the deception here, but Fat Albert would love this thick slab of dark chocolate coated chocolate mousse disguised as a pudding pop. Deadly even at the very first bite.

T. Palmer
Chocolate Burger at Burger Bar.
1. Chocolate Burger at Burger Bar (251 Geary at Stockton)

Two glazed donuts, chocolate ganache, jellied passion fruit, mint, and strawberries are fashioned into a hamburger at Hubert Keller's pricey chain restaurant. If the hockey puck's worth of ganache doesn't appeal, Burger Bar also serves a dessert burger with candied pineapple and cheesecake filling. Honestly, it's a draw as to which is more decadent.

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